The Curse of the 5am Club

It seems we have been blessed with the curse of the 5am club. Every morning, I’m woken to a grumble through the monitor, and I grab my phone with a dwindling sense of optimism, hoping that I’ll see an 07, or even an 06 shining back at me. Alas, it’s always an 05; this morning we beat our record, with an 04!! He will thankfully go back to sleep, but only in our bed, attached to the boob. Which I attempt to stealthily remove once the tiny cherubs eyes are firmly shut! 

People with babies that lie in, tell me your secrets?! When I say we have tried it all, I’m not joking! We’ve had bin liners at the window, spent £30 on a blackout blind, followed by £60 on blackout curtains, put him to bed really early, really late, followed the dreaded Gina Ford routine to the minute, totally freestyled and let him sleep whenever the hell he wants, white noise, dream feed, wake to sleep, shh and pat, cry it out, leaving him to it when he wakes, more day time sleeps, less day time sleeps, earlier nap, later nap… believe me, there’s not a ‘solution’ we haven’t tried! (I mean if you need tips, I’m essentially a walking encyclopaedia on baby’s sleep! I just can’t promise results! 

At least everyone seems to be facing some sort of battle! We have a child that will eat ANYTHING right now, which it seems is a little unusual, so I’ll take that! Though if anyone with a fussy eater and good sleeper wants to swap for a couple of days, I’ve got an excellent trade!


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  1. We had a good run of the baby waking at around 6 each day (or when my husband was getting ready for work and not being quiet about it!) and then over the course of a few days she got earlier and earlier until the dreaded 04 came along 😩 We had that for a few weeks and then all of a sudden she went back to mostly 6 o’clock starts… or a bit earlier but we pretend it’s not happening and leave her until the cries of hunger come along! Fingers crossed Otis follows suit!


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