Wonder Weeks got you Wondering?

I’m just wondering.. about this wonder weeks app… is it as wonderful as they all make out?

I mean, with a bit (a lot) of jiggling dates, it provides the perfect explanation for any bout of grumpiness thrown our way.. but I assume that’s not the point? I find myself going off his due date from the scan, due date from the period, birth date, due date that we worked out.. and that pretty much covers the whole of November!

If you’re not familiar with ‘the wonder weeks’, it’s essentially a bit of research, turned into a book and app, that shows all babies will go through the exact same stage of development on the same week, based on their due date.. now, Some parents seem to be able to plan their entire lives around these weeks.. book holidays, schedule starting nursery, plan going back to work… but I don’t think Otis has the book on his shelf, as he clearly takes no notice! He’ll scream his way through a sunny week and grin and giggle with an ominous storm cloud over his head!

We are currently here ^ in the grand scheme of wonder weeks. ‘Leap 6’ apparently. For once we seem to be on track as something’s definitely going on.. no sleep, all the eating, all the clinginess; but if the storm cloud isn’t even due for another 2 weeks I dread to think what’s coming! If I disappear late July, you’ll find me cowering in a corner with a screaming baby and a rain cloud hovering over our heads.

Plus, the dark bits are way longer than the sunny bits! And it can’t be that bad! Can it?

2 thoughts on “Wonder Weeks got you Wondering?

  1. victorialjames says:

    I’ve gone off the Wonder Weeks… it seemed to be spot-on to start with, but now we’re smack bang in the middle of a sunny period yet for the past few weeks the baby has been a super-grump. Teething overrules Wonder Weeks in this household and throws it right out of the window!!


  2. kidsstoryworld says:

    I only look at it if baby is particularly grizzly. Did this with firstborn too. Firstborn didn’t suffer with teething but youngest does so it’s a bit hit and miss for accuracy but it’s interesting to read about the different stages. Entertaining app but don’t use it as gospel


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