Baby Book Club

Oatcake joined us at our monthly Book Club this month- unfortunately, he hadn’t bothered to read the book.. but he did bring his own contribution for next month!

We will often find him hiding in a corner at home devouring (in both senses of the word) a baby book or two! So as a house of children’s literature superfans, we are launching our very own #babybookclub! A virtual bookclub and network to share the best of babies’ and children’s stories.

What should we include?
Parent’s opinion!
Baby’s opinion!
Does it pass the Baby Bechdel Test?

You can join in on your blog or Instagram pages! Don’t forget to tag #babybookclub

First up in #babybookclub…

Wow Said the Owl’ by Tim Hopgood.

The story of an owl, who stays awake all day and sees the colours of the world for the very first time.

What does Mama think? 
Gorgeous pictures and top marks for the rhythm of reading! I hate books with the wrong rhythm! But I mainly love this book because ‘wowwwww’ became Otis’ first real word after reading it. Heart melting! 

What does a Oatcake think?
Wowwwwww’. The current ‘go to’ book on his shelf. 

Does it pass the ‘Baby Book Bechdel Test’?
Yes! Well with only one character, the gender balance isn’t there, but the owl is a girl, in a story where you might expect the default pronoun to be ‘he’. So top marks from me! 









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