I said I’d never.

It's amazing what a 5 month old baby can teach you. Before Oatcake arrived I had a long list of 'ideals' in mind as to how we would raise him, and some absolute 'never evers' and 'always always'.  What I've learned so far is that essentially, this isn't a game of thoughtful decision making, it's … Continue reading I said I’d never.

Things they don’t tell you about breastfeeding.

So I used to consider my knowledge of breastfeeding to be somewhat advanced on the scale of clueless to haventthefoggiest. I've written essays on the subject, taken exams in 'how to do it' and demonstrated to countless women how simple it is.. (it's pretty damn easy when you're feeding a plastic, unmoving baby doll, on … Continue reading Things they don’t tell you about breastfeeding.