A positive birth story: the dad’s perspective. 

I never expected Russell Brand to pop up more than once in my posts about pregnancy and birth, but here we are, he's made it again!! I've written before about the amazing resource 'Tell me a good birth story', but it's not often you hear such a positive story from a partner's perspective. Since being... Continue Reading →


When Congratulations aren’t in order…

When congratulations aren't in order... The news is out! The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her third child, (though I had my suspicions when she was admitted to hospital last week).. another royal baby? On the face of it, this is wonderful news.. so how come the most used reaction when I saw the news... Continue Reading →

Post Traumatic Growth

Today is May 15th. Today is Monday. Today is McDonalds' 57th anniversary. Today is Andy Murray's Birthday. Today is International Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness day.  I've written a lot about HG, how life alteringly debilitating it is, how it clouds what should be the most exciting time of your life, how I wouldn't wish it on... Continue Reading →

Things that went unsaid.

We went on telly today.. Well I did. Oatcake was there by my side. Papa Oatcake was there in spirit. When they asked us to share our story it was difficult to know how to feel. Since having Otis I've been split in two! A spark has been lit in half of me, and I... Continue Reading →

We’re SO lucky…

There's no funnies in this post. Sorry. But please read it. It's important. It's important to me and probably many other women you know, you just don't know it. I'm sure you all know, but I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum in my pregnancy with Otis- essentially it's extreme Morning sickness. But in reality that doesn't... Continue Reading →


Russel Brand was on the last leg tonight and though I'm not a huge fan, I thought he might have some good chat about Donald Trump, which he did. Also, I found out he has a baby exactly the same age as Otis! Most refreshingly, he spoke briefly, but fairly candidly and incredibly positively about... Continue Reading →

These are my tiger stripes.

These are my tiger stripes. I got them for being totally fierce and cooking up freaking human boy. We love them. Once a baby has arrived, it's easy to forget the journey we went through to make them, grown them and birth them! The baby makes you forget the birth, the birth makes you forget... Continue Reading →

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