The Realities of Breastfeeding an Almost Toddler

We’ve almost reached the 12 month mark on our breastfeeding journey.. and by this point most mums that have attempted it, have either hated it or it’s not worked well for them, or they are super passionate about it and everything it entails! So where do we fit? My Opinion on breastfeeding is a little like my opinion on marmite for years- neither here nor there; I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it.

I’ve mused on my feelings about breastfeeding a newborn before, but what are the realities of breastfeeding an almost toddler?

1. Keep those nails under control, or you’ll come out of it looking like you’ve had a session in a cage with a tiger, not a session on a sofa with a snoozy baby! Watch out for the face grab! (They’ll give you a full dental check whilst they’re at it, they’re multitasking pros).

2. Oh and remember those sore nipples from the start? Yeah that passes. But when they have 8 teeth by the time they’re 8 months.. what you’re imagining.. yeah, that.

3. That ‘mum’ haircut, that everyone is sporting? The bob and fringe thing? That can only have been invented to save us all from having the front portion of hair ripped from our scalps by feeding babies!

4. With all that in mind.. it does bring you guaranteed cuddles! I was very close to stopping breastfeeding just before I went back to work at 9 months, because I was so over it.. but I thought I would carry on just in case my mind changed once I was back. And there definitely is something special about those milky cuddles with the babe that refuses the bottle all day at nursery!

5. But it sure is bloody convenient, if he falls over or wakes in the middle of the night, boobs are the instant mute switch!

I had no plans of how long we would breastfeed, and still don’t really know! When did your journey come to an end? Or are you still going?

Ps. We’ve been very happily mixed feeding for months, so there’s no breast vs bottle debate here!

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