Jingle All The Danish Way: A Christmas Guide

  This isn’t a ‘Gift List’, ‘A Wish List’ or a ‘Christmas Shopping Guide’, but a window in to Christmas on a Budget, family traditions, and creating the magic of Christmas- ‘The Danish Way’! Anyone that knows me, will know that I am a MASSIVE fan of Christmas- my maid of honour even considered hosting... Continue Reading →


A positive birth story: the dad’s perspective. 

I never expected Russell Brand to pop up more than once in my posts about pregnancy and birth, but here we are, he's made it again!! I've written before about the amazing resource 'Tell me a good birth story', but it's not often you hear such a positive story from a partner's perspective. Since being... Continue Reading →

Baby Book Club

Oatcake joined us at our monthly Book Club this month- unfortunately, he hadn't bothered to read the book.. but he did bring his own contribution for next month!  We will often find him hiding in a corner at home devouring (in both senses of the word) a baby book or two! So as a house... Continue Reading →

The Baby Book Bechdel Test 

So the BBC recently aired a programme called 'No More Boys and Girls'. It was a really fascinating insight into how we are conditioned (in general) into the blue/pink/strong/gentle/aggressive/submissive roles of male vs female from the very first moment of life on earth! And how (again, massive generalisation) boys struggle to express emotion and girls... Continue Reading →

Tied up with string

Everyone loves buying new babies presents. We received countless gifts from people that have never even met me, let alone Oatcake! The highlights were a novelty superman onesie, which Otis has unfortunately now outgrown and it remains unworn, and a wind up tiny plastic piano that plays some questionable Beethoven. Which I think is somewhere... Continue Reading →

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