I’ve got 99 problems, but food ain’t one!

Current popular topic of conversation for the past few months has been baby food! Or just.. food… that babies eat..

Weaning seems to be the next thing in a long list of activities everyone seems to have an opinion on! Don’t spoonfeed your baby, or you’ll have a morbidly obese 8 year old who won’t eat anything except chicken nuggets or cheerios. But don’t give them finger food or they will make a mess, not actually eat any food at all and choke. Don’t give them more than one type of new food a week or they will become allergic, but make sure you move fairly quickly so they can develop their tastebuds. Don’t wean a day before 6 months because they are not ready, but if they can sit up and aren’t sleeping at 4 months then give them solids. Start with veg. Make sure you start with baby rice. Start with whatever you’re having for dinner. Give them solids before bed. But make sure you don’t do it before they go to sleep. Solids will help them sleep. Sometimes solids will make sleeping worse. Make sure you only give them protein at lunch time. Protein before bed is better.

So just follow that advice and you’ll have a full fledged foodie in no time!

Naturally, we freestyled this one! With 2 weaning rules!

1. I’m not pureeing anything, because, who has the time?! (Ill mash if completely necessary)

2. If it doesn’t taste good enough to eat it myself, I can’t really expect Oatcake to eat it!

2 months later our approach seems to be working… we are yet to find anything he won’t eat.. and we can pretty much all eat the same dinners now! Current favourites are lentil and spinach curry, paprika and fish stew, spag Bol (a classic), beef hot pot!

Really loving cooking meals for Oatcake, and it’s definitely making me eat better too! Though a pouch in a hurry is needed on occasions! Would reccomend ‘babease’ from Tesco/amazon or ‘piccolo’ from Waitrose! The rest of them call themselves ‘peas, potato and broccoli’, then you flip them over and the ingredients at 98% apple, with a drop of peas, potato and broccoli’, no wonder our generation has a sugar addiction!

Incidentally, this kid would rather just eat food than drink milk now! So any tips on upping the boob activity welcome!

I might share some of our fave (dairy free, bloody eczema!) recipes on the blog if anyone is interested!

A tip for the road, don’t attempt to feed a tired baby. Over and out. Zzz…

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