My baby sleeps through…

Haha. You thought that sentence would end ‘…the night’?!

Nope. He will sleep through the telly. He will sleep through the clattering of washing up. He’ll even sleep through a very noisy party with a live band. But he won’t sleep through the night…

People constant ask ‘is he a good baby?’ And I always thought, yeah he’s bloody amazing! We adore him! He hardly cries, he smiles a lot, he chats occasionally, he’s seriously cute, we think he’s pretty great actually. Only recently I realised what they actually meant when they asked ‘is he a good baby’ was ‘does he sleep through the night?’. When people find out he doesn’t.. they’re ever so quick to feel sorry for us and start handing out the advice.. except that we never actually asked for it. 

The little man is just 11 weeks. And believe it or not I never actually expected him to sleep through the night.. (yet). maybe I should check with the advice givers if THEY slept through the night at 11 weeks… chances are they can’t remember.. and either way they’re probably still perfectly good human beings! 

But more than anything, I actually quite Like waking up with him in the night. Here’s why… 

When I feed him in the day I usually have the telly on or am tapping away on my phone, drinking tea or chatting to someone, Otis does his thing and then we carry on our day. In the depths of the night it feels like we are the only people in the world! We cuddle up together, cosy in our big bed, Otis has his food and I just watch him. I’m in awe of how big he’s getting so quickly! In awe of how he just knows what to do in order to survive! In awe that my body grew this teeny tiny little human, from just a tiny speck! It’s just us, the world is quiet and sleeping and in our little bubble, for those 20 minutes, nothing else in our busy, hectic lives matters. (Well my life is busy and hectic, his is pretty chilled). And the day he stops breastfeeding, the day he stops waking me up for those special sleepy cuddles, I know I’m going to miss them! And we will never get them back! 

So actually yeah, he is a good baby! He’s a bloody brilliant baby! 

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