Unconditional Love. Poonami 2.0

When we were pregnant we were warned about the dreaded 'poonami' (not to be mixed up with Toon Army, football team of choice.).  For those that don't know (lucky), a poonami is when a baby poops their pants in a fashion that manages to spray the entire way up their back, sometimes even front, occasionally... Continue Reading →


Bump to Baby Chapter

I've written a piece for the Bump to Baby Chapter Blog on hypnobirthing. You can have a read over here... http://www.thebumptobabychapter.co.uk/the-birth-of-oatcake/ The midwife/mama/hypnobirthing teacher team have some great articles on pregnancy, birth and parenthood that are def worth a read too! Or you can read it here... I wrote my birth story down for my... Continue Reading →

Halfway there.

Half way through. Today I am officially half way through my maternity leave. Which means that in 5 Short months (too short of they're anything like the last 5!), the morning duvet snuggles, the coffee shop tours, the riverside walks and afternoon's in front of the telly all come to an end... I have to... Continue Reading →

I said I’d never.

It's amazing what a 5 month old baby can teach you. Before Oatcake arrived I had a long list of 'ideals' in mind as to how we would raise him, and some absolute 'never evers' and 'always always'.  What I've learned so far is that essentially, this isn't a game of thoughtful decision making, it's... Continue Reading →

My baby sleeps through…

Haha. You thought that sentence would end '...the night'?! Nope. He will sleep through the telly. He will sleep through the clattering of washing up. He'll even sleep through a very noisy party with a live band. But he won't sleep through the night... People constant ask 'is he a good baby?' And I always... Continue Reading →

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