I was lucky enough to meet Papa Oatcake in a world where tinder was not ‘a thing’. I never did internet dating, to be honest I didn’t really do much dating at all, certainly no blind dating. Which is relief, because I imagine it would have made me so anxious I would have talked rubbish and never bagged a second date anyway. (I apparently told Papa Oatcake early on that ‘I liked football’, (haha), like that would be a deal breaker for making me marriage material). However, it turns out, just because you’ve found the man who will be the father of your kids by pure chance one day at work, it doesn’t let you off the dating hook. Bugger.

Don’t worry, I’m not now dating some other blokes on the side. I’m talking about ‘mum dating’. It’s a thing. I don’t know that that’s it’s official name, but that’s essentially what it is. There’s apps for it (one genuinely with a swipe up for yes and swipe down for no!!), social media groups, Instagram etc etc! 

(Not a catfish, a rabbit baby. Which, if we call a ‘catfish’ effectively does make it one. Mind boggler.)

Chatting to mums via the comfort blanket of my iPhone was all very easy. Then one day I got ‘asked out’! Awesome! I was totally looking forward to it, until on route, I had the sudden realisation that I had never met anyone ‘from the internet’ before (I know, I’m an OAP in a 26 year old’s body, but Papa Oatcake and my mum reckon I’m ‘whizzy’ on the tinternet so hey!). What if she didn’t actually have a baby? Or she was a stalker?! Or a MAN?! I was suddenly texting Friends and Family, letting them know where I was going, when they should expect to hear from me, what to do if I suddenly disappeared!

Anyway, it turns out she wasn’t some sort of catfish. And she did have a baby. And we still chat now.. (she actually reads my blog sometimes, I wonder if she will guess it’s her?!). 

I’ve actually gone on to meet quite a few Mamas ‘off of the internet’, and I think it’s bloody great! But let’s stay safe Mummies! Dont get catfished. 

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