We’re SO lucky…

There’s no funnies in this post. Sorry. But please read it. It’s important. It’s important to me and probably many other women you know, you just don’t know it.

I’m sure you all know, but I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum in my pregnancy with Otis- essentially it’s extreme Morning sickness. But in reality that doesn’t even begin to describe the suffering. 

Just some of what’s left over after nine months of medication…

Now I don’t know if it’s because it’s the middle of the night and I’m sitting in the dark, because I’ve had 2 hours sleep so far or because I’ve got a gorgeous little boy on the boob, but my heart is breaking a little bit tonight. I was online whilst feeding Otis and a post popped up on a Hyperemesis Support group I belong to from a woman in the US. She is 8 weeks pregnant and next week she’s booked herself in to the Drs to discuss abortion, because she just cannot cope with the nausea and vomiting any longer. She doesn’t have health insurance and she can’t afford treatment. She’s had to quit her job because it was working with food (which is just a no go with HG) and the protection just isn’t there in the US. She wants her baby but she sees no other way out. 

I’ve never wished I had a few spare thousand $s sitting in a bank more! 

It’s making me sad because I get it. I remember that exact feeling. All you want, for just half an hour is for that baby to be OUT of your body. To get complete relief for just thirty minutes. To close your eyes and know when you wake up you will feel ok, not face another relentless hour, day, week, month of sickness. And it breaks my heart that I felt that, and that the baby I felt like that towards is Otis. Because.. it’s OTIS! My gorgeous boy who I would do anything for! I’m a very loving person, but I genuinely hated him and what the pregnancy was doing to me. And I felt all of that whilst receiving amazing care and a shed load of medication. She’s got nothing. 

This is what I took every single day, to make it to 39 weeks and meet our baby boy..

Seeing her write those words down brought it flooding back. They were the darkest days of my life and I can’t bear the thought that by the end of next week, she might never get the chance to love her baby like I love Otis. The forum has pointed her in the direction of people who can help in the US and I really hope they can. We are SO lucky to have the NHS and I’ll be damned if the government start to shake things up! I’ll be marching on 4th March to support the NHS, so please, please join me! http://www.ournhs.info/

I’m also volunteering for the amazing UK charity Pregnancy Sickness Support, who make sure no women in this country face HG alone and that hopefully no one faces the decisions this poor woman has to make. Please check them out, donate, follow them online, anything you can do to spread awareness and help out a mama in need. https://www.pregnancysicknesssupport.org.uk

Now I’ll get back to cuddling my baby boy for an extra few moments…

We’re so fucking lucky. I can’t even…

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6 thoughts on “We’re SO lucky…

  1. Angela says:

    I totally understand I supported my daughter in law through 8 months of this illness and she is still suffering from the aftermath of stress and anxiety. Thank you for your story. Grangie


  2. Julia says:

    I’m in the UK and terminated my pregnancy at 8 weeks due to HG. I didn’t know about PSS at the time, I was being fobbed off by medical staff and the medication wasn’t working. The termination is now worse to live with than the HG was.


    • oatcakeadventures says:

      Oh Julia I’m so sorry! That must be toughest thing to face, it makes me so sad and angry that people face such a barrier to access treatment. We all do what we have to in order to survive, I know a lot of women would do and have done the same in your situation. I hope that awareness improves and one day there’s a cure! The PSS charity offer counselling to help deal with life after HG, are you in touch with them at all?


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