I’m a hippie, but…

I have the mind of an independent shopping, organic eating, vegan hippie.. and the hands of a hungry, chocolate loving, chain coffee shop drinking, over tired mama in need of a sugar fix!! 

I secretly wish I bought all organic food and independently made clothes, practiced mindfulness every morning, made all my vegan meals from scratch, have no tv and raised Otis to not taste sugar ’til his teens. But let’s face it, I have a bank account that more often than not starts with a ‘-‘, and an addiction to dairy milk and Diet Coke that’s harder to shift than smoking 40 a day, so it’s just never going to happen. Not getting off to the best start writing this drinking Diet Coke and eating a muffin paid for in mostly 5 pence pieces from the depths of the nappy bag, using the free wifi of a little local independent coffee shop called ‘Caffe Nero’… but I’m totally a hippie on the inside I promise.. like.. right far inside.. if you look really hard.

There’s this great podcast called The Guilty Feminist.. a good one to listen to with the boy on the boob.. hoping he will absorb it through osmosis and we’ll raise a totally radical feminist of a son.. have a listen if you’re at a loose end, it’s a right laugh. Anyway they always start with some quotes of ‘I’m a feminist, but…’, so this is my list of ‘i’m’ a hippie, but…’

I’m a hippie, but I only went to pregnancy yoga because they gave you free biscuits and let you lie down for 20 minutes at the end.

I’m a hippie, but I hate herbal or decaf tea. This wee babe is raised on the hard stuff (Yorkshire gold blend via breast milk.)

I’m a hippie, but being vegan is too hard so I compromised at ordering my juicy meaty steaks rare.. with bernaise sauce. And chips. 

I’m a hippie, but I buy granola routinely every few months, eat one bowl, put the rest on the cereal shelf and wait til the full bag is stale so I can buy a new batch. 

I’m a hippie, but despite aiming to wear Otis around everywhere like an extension of my own body, I love the icandy Pram too much.

I’m a hippie, but disposable nappies are just so much easier. Sorry world! I’ll potty train him sooner to cancel it out?

I’m a hippie, but I don’t know how I’d get through a week without watching Dance Moms or Nashville.. 

Maybe one day when I grow up I’ll be a real hippie. But, Probably not. 

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