I’m a hippie, but…

I have the mind of an independent shopping, organic eating, vegan hippie.. and the hands of a hungry, chocolate loving, chain coffee shop drinking, over tired mama in need of a sugar fix!!  I secretly wish I bought all organic food and independently made clothes, practiced mindfulness every morning, made all my vegan meals from... Continue Reading →


In case you were wondering…

Since having Otis and also whilst I was pregnant, I was constantly asked 'do you have any weird cravings? (No), have you picked a name? (No), and the other usual conversation starters. There were however some real corkers in there too. Now, some of these questions may strike some of you as a little alarming,... Continue Reading →

What about the Daddies?

Now, we really are getting somewhere with the shared parental leave thing.. but why does no one take it? Well for starters it seems that lots of people have no idea it's even available. Then some friends who have decided to use it, approach their employers, and although not refused the leave, most employers haven't... Continue Reading →

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