10 Bonus points if you can make him burp…

It seems that absolutely every woman over the age of 50 who meets Otis is completely and utterly obsessed with making him burp. Anyone that succeeds in their quest awards themselves a medal and congratulates him on his wonderful achievement. If I burp however it is considered rude. I wonder at what age it switches?
For the first few weeks, and still now sort of, Papa Oatcake and I worked out that caring for a newborn is not much different for caring for a tamagotchi. (Except you can’t remove the batteries or make your mum feed it whilst you’re at school. Though I suppose the latter could be arranged if completely necessary). Ultimately though, the baby sleeps.. then it starts to make some noises and the timer begins. Picture a bar on the left hand side of your eyeline which is slowly running down.. you have until the bar reaches the bottom to stop the baby making the noises. If you can’t make it stop, you loose a life and the baby cries. 9 times out of 10 you will win by feeding it. It’s the other 10% of times that are trickier! Then there are ways of getting extra lives and bonus points- times where you feel like you’ve made a huge achievement- these include but are not limited to- making the baby smile (10 points), discovering an entirely new baby-calming-remedy e.g. The hair drier or walking around a freezing cold garden without a coat on (5 points for each), and not forgetting the BIG point earner- burping (this is graded from 10-50 points depending on how satisfying the burp sounds; the louder the better). 

So far I’d say we were up on points, though Otis’ current sleep regression is knocking points off by the second!! On which note I must get some sleep! Night Mamas! 

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