Letters from a Fan Girl

Letters from a fan girl.

If you can’t be honest at Christmas, when can you? Over the past year I’ve been lucky enough to discover some rockstar women who have touched me, moved me, revolutionised my life.. and this Christmas, I’m going to tell them!

Hollie McNish- mother, poet, performer.

A lovely friend bought me a book when Otis was born. Hollie McNish wrote it. I adore it. So I told her.


Dear Hollie,

A friend of mine bought me a copy of your brilliant book following the birth of our baby boy in November. I absolutely bloody love it! It’s like you reached inside my brain and much more articulately, described everything I felt, went through and experienced in my pregnancy and in mamahood so far. I don’t think I’ve ever really read poetry before, but something about the way you write makes it ring so much truer that way. Thank you for writing so candidly, honestly and openly- at a time where I don’t know many people like me, a new mum in their twenties, there are so many parallels in our stories and it’s so reassuring to hear your tale and feel like I’m not doing this alone! You are a totally brilliant writer, performer and mama- I salute you! Thank you for being awesome!

BIG love, Merry Christmas! Megan x

Megan x

Ps. My favourites are Abseil and Sunrise Sickness (that one made me cry, I had been very, very sick!)

Hollie de Cruz-The Yes Mum.

Maker of these little cards that make me kick-parenting-ass every damn day. It’s what I’m all about! She spreads the positivity, so I spread it right back!


Dear Hollie,

Merry Christmas! I just wanted to let you know, because at Christmas you should tell people (!!), you’re bloody brilliant! I absolutely love your cards and everything that they stand for. I used hypnobirthing for the birth of our baby boy in November and it had such an impact not only on me, but on my other half too and it left me wondering why the positive affirmations and the attitude and approach only existed for birth and not just life and mamahood! But turns out you’d already thought of this! I’m so glad I can carry on feeling positive, especially at a time when sleep is scarce and attention is in demand! The yes mum pops and human packs are appearing in all the family’s stockings this Christmas, spreading the positivity! Thank you for spreading the support and solidarity! What a wonderful thing you do!

BIG love! Megan x


Jo- Homebirth Midwife. Superhero.

Absolute game changer. Absolute hero. So I absolutely had to tell her!

Dear Jo and all the Homebirth Team,

We wanted to write and thank you all for the wonderful support you gave us in the build up to our birth. We were very sad to have missed out on having you with us at home, after we were admitted for induction. But, thanks to your kind, encouraging words on DAU, we ended up with exactly the kind of birth we had hoped for. I really hope you know how important those words were to us, I don’t think I would have been nearly as calm and confident if you hadn’t been there to reassure me. Even though you weren’t with us for the labour, we remember you as the most important midwife of all! We felt like you all had so much time for us and so much support of our choices. Any mums that get to give birth with any of you at their side are very, very lucky! You are all truly amazing, we can’t stop singing your praises, even six weeks later. Thank you!!

Love, Megan, Leon and Otis x


Mummy- mine!

Well I’ve always known she’s the best. But this Christmas I made sure she knew too.

Dear My Wonderful Mama,

I wanted to tell you, because at Christmas you should tell people, I think you are amazing! You have been the most brilliant support to me and Leon, when we have needed you most. Otis is a very lucky boy to have you as his Nana. I was always worried that when I had children of my own, I wouldn’t be as good a mum as you were to us- but I think and I hope that from you I’ve learned exactly how to do it! I’m so glad you got to see our gorgeous boy come into the world and I’m so glad he will grow up with you and Dad as his brilliant grandparents. Thankyou for everything you do, you make me feel very happy and very loved! Love you SO much!

Megan x

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