Hypnobirthing my way through mama hood.

What if we started approaching life, the same way we approach birth? Well in essence I suppose we do. It’s a long, painful, difficult whirlwind of experiences we have to endure to reach our ultimate goal, whatever that is, right? But wait, maybe I mean- what if we reimagined life the same way we’ve reimagined birth?

When awaiting the arrival of the wee man, Oatcake, we took hypnobirthing classes with the lovely Jo- the Happy Birth Coach. The hypnobirthing approach totally shaped Otis’ birth into something positive that I look forward to doing again! What struck me most though, something I wasn’t expecting, was how much it affected Papa Oatcake. Hold on, he’s not giving birth, but it’s definitely having a positive impact! This got me thinking, what if we were to hypnobirth our way through life? Hypno-lifing? (Copyright-You heard it here first!!)
There are some key things I’ve applied now that I’m hypno-lifing every damn day! Firstly, getting rid of the haters. When you’re hypnobirthing, you surround yourself with positivity- positive people, positive stories, positive affirmations, it’s helps you believe that you are made to birth and that you can achieve anything! Why wouldn’t you want to feel like that about life?! Whether it’s deleting that friend on facebook who just posts negative vibes, creating a positive social network on instagram, chatting about positive stories with your other half or just telling yourself you’re doing great, it works!

Next is using your BRAIN. Now this probably already exists in some form of CBT or counselling or something… but I first discovered it whilst hypnobirthing. B- benefits, R- risks, A-alternatives, I-instincts, N-nothing. You’re supposed to apply this when making decisions about your birth or in labour. But it TOTALLY helps when making decisions about life! We based our entire house buying decisions on this, and probably all future life decisions too!

Relax, relax, relax! Who wouldn’t want to feel more relaxed every day? In the latter stages of my pregnancy I went for a walk, had a bath and listened to scripts or music every day. There is absolutely time in everyone’s lives, no matter how busy we are, to fit some of that in, at least a few times a week! So why don’t we do it? It’s like the minute Otis arrived, and I wasn’t ‘working towards’ something any more, this was no longer a job that needed doing. I seemed to completely forget how amazing it made me feel! I vow to start it up again, might even help reengage my baby brain! Chilled parents= chilled baby I think!

image.jpgYou must check out http://www.thehappybirthguide.com for all your hypnobirthing needs in SW London..

And http://www.yesmumcards.com for all your positive motherhood affirmation cards.. And fatherhood/life/kids/mumtobe!!


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